I'm Madalina, and welcome to my little corner of the internet called Get Savoury. Consider yourself at home. I am a professionally trained cook with a passion for food, photography, travel, and wine. My food philosophy is simple - stay healthy by eating balanced and delicious meals.

A few things about me:

I live in Romania with my husband, who is a US expat. We have been together for nine years and married for almost five. He’s also a travel journalist and occasionally blogs at

I am a digital marketer by profession. Also, my love of food and travel has developed into a passion for for photography.

My first real experience with cooking was in high school. Despite having little idea of what diving into, I quickly began to find joy through meandering my way around the kitchen.

During my college years, I often cooked for friends and family. I have traveled to over 10 different countries where I have become acquainted and enamored with the secrets of various cuisines. Through this, I have developed a passion for wines and spices of all kinds.

I kick-started my culinary career in 2017 when I enrolled in a local culinary school.

I received my formal culinary raining in Modern European Cuisine at 25th Downtown Flavors where I had the opportunity to work alongside talented professionals who shared the same passion for food as myself.

Get Savoury is the result of the various experiences, techniques, and ideas that that I have accumulated over the years. Furthermore, my recipes also provide a window into my hopes, passions, and desires for the future.

I hope that you will stick around so that we can embark on this culinary journey together.